There is an immediacy in talking to the camera. The words have to flow straight off the top of your head. Unless rehearsed or written down you need to know what you’re talking about before you start talking. With writing, you can talk to the page and then go back and change what you have said to make it clearer. You have time to process what you’re trying to convey, you can have new ideas spring forth which add to the tapestry that is the article.

I’m always let down by what I say when I talk to the camera. The language is not on point with what I expect from a speaker. Just like writing you can catch ideas as they bubble up, or remember something pertinent to the story. Watching someone like Jordan Peterson talk so formulaic has ruined me for watching back my own bungling attempt at spoken free flow thought, where I often trail off and forget where I was up to.

If you’re a fast typer you can catch your thoughts free-flow like talking and keep up with your own train of thought. I’m not a fast typer and have to struggle with slowing down my thought process to keep up with my typing speed.

Audio dictation ‘speech to text’ is a way around this, but I still have to wait for the software to catch up with the speech as it tries to decipher my spoken language. I want to use this method more for first drafts, but I still find the process inhibiting. I’m hoping with practice I can better master this method. For now, it seems faster for me to use the keyboard.